How to Finish a Documentary in Quarantine, from Zoom to Plexiglass Shields — Watch

Josh Braun, Alex Gibney, Dawn Porter, and AJ Schnack shared their lockdown innovations and some permanent lifestyle changes.

Josh Brown Submarine (Wild Wild country)
Verite shooting not possible, Careful shooting, use Airbnb & plexiglass, cut down to 1 or 2 person crew.
Alex Gibney Jigsaw (Taxi to the dark side, House of Saud)
Working remote has been ok for shows in post, just miss the comradery.
We send rig with zoom & DSLR to interviewees. Airbnb 2 camera interviews, with zoom laptop right next to barrel of lens, with multiple people listening in from zoom.
Dawn Porter (John Lewis Good Trouble)
For very fragile interviewees hired Zoom producer who remotely records either zoom or webcams in laptops. Blackmagic rig gets delivered to interviewees. Sometimes interview with person just talking to box and not crew comes out better, they keep chatting a lot longer than if they where talking to interviewer.
AJ Schnack (Kurt Cobain About a Son)
Took a breather finishing a film in a rush, always think that’s a good thing after picture lock to leave it for a while for perspective. Did color session remote, it all takes longer. Very tough to work remote. Miss contact with team.